DVD Creator - Burn Video Maker App revisa

Don’t waste your money

Not user friendly at all. Not intuitve to use. Did not let me load one very brief video at all. Limits the number of short videos to 12 per blank dvd even though the disc can hold 47 GB! Could not get all my short videos on a single disc!! Would not let me load jpeg photos to burn to the disc along with the videos. But worst of all, I loaded twelve short vidoeos to the app and while it displayed them all it only burned 8 of them to the disc. A big waste of time and money.

Great replacement for iDVD!

This app does most everything you want to do, although it doesn’t have the attractive templates of iDVD. Nevertheless, I had no problems figuring it out, and made several DVDs right away, some with submenus and unique backgrounds. If it failed at burning, I simply made an iso file—much easier for burning multiple copies, too. Worth the inexpensive cost!

Poorly made app

First of all riddled with spelling errors. Clearly not an app developed by enlgish speakers. The interface is non intuite and takes a while to learn. This app is best served for creating cheap DVD’s. This app does not create high quality renders for DVD replication.

Much easier than iDVD

I have used iDVD since getting my first iMac (when Intel chip came out). Just upgraded and was disappointed at first to learn iDVD does not work with High Sierra, retina screen. I upgraded specifically to have more video RAM and processing power for my video processing and DVD burning. (I make DVD’s to show at funerals and church.) Well, iMovie is fine for putting all together, and this program puts it out similarly to iDVD but much more quickly and more intuitively. Yes. My upgrade is complete!

Decent replacement for iDVD

iDVD is so highly regarded that many users dedicate their legacy machines to the application. Recently, I found I couldn’t master or burn DVDs without instability issues creeping in - and that’s where DVD Creator - Burn Maker comes in. 1. DVD Creator is both fast and stable. I haven’t ended up with a single bad platter, and burning a one-hour video takes only a half-hour at the highest setting. 2. Video quality is very good, though not as bright and detailed as iDVD. 3. Value is outstanding. There are more than a few DVD burning programs out there, but at under $20, the results are very solid. 4. Don’t expect the eye-catching animations that made iDVD so special. 5. I loved how I can burn .mkv files directly to DVD without reconverting - a huge time-saver! 6. The software is easy to learn. You can burn DVDs in minutes, though I wouldn’t mind more special themes or animations. If you’re uncertain about the software, you can download a free version of the application. However, the burned videos will have a hugh watermark on the screen. But at least you’ll have a good sense of that the full, paid version can (or cannot) do.

I can’t add the video

i tried to add the video from. my desktop and its doesnt work i want a refund i tried so many times but it doesnt work

Unsable - Crashes on 2nd burn / Support Link doesn’t work

I was disappointed in the app. It will burn the first DVD okay (slow) but when I try to burn a 2nd DVD, it crashes. The work around is to completely shut down the mac and then restart the mac and app. Very cumbersome. Also, check out their customer support link on the Apple website…it doesn’t work!!! I tried to search for the webpages using a search engine and came up with nothing. NO SUPPORT!

Horrible Program

I bought this program from the app store. I put some home videos on my mac and tried to burn them to a DVD using this program. It failed every single time. I contacted customer service for the app and they told me that I should just burn an iso image instead. So basically I had to do another step. Well I did that and it worked fine and I can make my DVDs that way but instead of actually fixing the problem with their software they just told me to do an extra step. When I emailed them back they told me it was something wrong with my equipment which is clearly not the case because I can burn dvds and cds both using other programs with no issue at all. This is a crapy program and the customer service is even worse!! I highly suggest you don’t buy this program. JUNK!!


No way to make sub-menus. The create sub-menu button is grayed out, just teasing you. Burned a dvd but only half the videos can be accessed. Sorry piece of crap!

Junk Software

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I had hoped that this program would work based on the star rating, but I was wrong. It took 90 minutes to render and burn a movie file and then the DVD was unreadable. This app is a slow piece of junk software. I you need a DVD burn program find one that has a free trial version before you buy.

Really Don’t Know How Others Rated It So High

Bought this app based on previous customer ratings. Bad idea. Menu structures and being able to, say, create a button that takes you to another screen or submenu, is impossible. Help “document” is a joke, similar to other posts. The old iDVD was way better than this… and it was free. Unless this is majorly updated, don’t waste your money.

Take your iTunes Movies on the Road

I needed a DVD authoring application to do only ONE thing; allow me to burn some of my kid's Mp4 iTunes movies to a DVD so we could watch them on the screen in the Mini Van DVD player. THIS APP IS PERFCET FOR THAT!!!!! I know it can do so much more, and one day I may use those other features, but for now, this app does what I needed it to do and it does it REALLY well. It even has the added feature (and much appriciated) of checking a box that removes the front menu entirely and allows the disk to simply be inserted and Autoplay. No more trying to navigate a DVD menu while driving. Just put the disk in the slot and that is it. I don’t even need to hit play. Once again, I am SURE this app can make nice, full featured DVDs with menus, chapters, and such. But really, who needs that these days. Most of us just want to put the disk in the player and have the movie start. This app does that perfectly.

no bells and whiles but it works

no bells or whiles but it works as advertised.

DVD Creator Pro

This has really made my day. I was getting very frustrated by IT guys telling me DVDs are from the dinosaur age and with software programs that either did’t come with simple instructions or just plain didn’t work. This program makes burning a DVD easy!

Works great!

Been looking for a program to create DVDs ever since I bought my first iMac. I had a 2 hr movie in iMovie and it burned perfectly and quality was really good on the TV.

Worth the money

I was just looking for a video dvd burner to burn some videos to be watched on the car dvd player. I saw some apps costing $50, a total rip off. For $15, this app is really a good deal.

Easy to use!

Easy to use, just what I needed to make some DVD’s. Simple and I found zero glitches.

Simple and to the point

I love this app. Easy to use and very user freindly. high;y recommend it

Visual quality suck…video wont open up to full screen

As of right now…all this product is doing for me is burning. the Video is burning at the size of 2 inch bu 2 inch. The crisp quality of my original video is now showing/burning a fogggy version! And remember it not openong up to ful screen! The help box does not help at all! I want my money back! I went by all the positive reviews when I purashed this app….now I need to send it back. Want my money back…or fix the problems ASAP! VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!! SO Im back after 10 minutes and my review still is the same. very poor quality! i was able to open up the video, but overall not a great product!

Easy to Use

Purchased the app to complete a video for a daycare. I was able to easily download the app and complete my DVD very quickly. Definitely recommend this app!

Burns Great DVD’s for me

I use DVD Creator Pro to burn simple Mp4 files to be played on home DVD players. It may lack some advanced features, but it just works for me every time. Just enough options to adjust file size to fit on a DVD and enough basic customization to add simple background and titles.

easy choice

I was having lots of difficultly burning DVD’s since Apple eliminated the iDVD feature. This was easy, afforable, safe download and the product works the first time! Accomplished my project in less time than it took to down load. Great product!

simple and functional ...

I was looking for a replacment for toast which has become an encumberance without support. This product smoothly and simply does the task. I hope it continues to do so.

Life Saver!

I just simply wanted to burn a slideshow I made for my aunt’s memorial and this was a life saver!!

Great APP

Easy as 1..2…3...

Not easy to use

I purchased this app because of it’s 4.5 star rating. I’m not sure how all these people gave it such high marks. I guess, for very basic use (i.e., drag a file onto a window and click burn) it works well. But if you want to do any kind of customization, like. oh, I don’t know... adding a menu, forget it. Maybe it can accomplish more advanced tasks like that, but there’s no indication of how you might do so. The “Help” file is a joke. It offers no help as far as using the app goes. I’ve learned a lesson today about how much faith I'll put into an apps rating in the future.

Finally, a solution for no iDVD

I have tried multiple burn programs since Apple got rid of iDVD (still don’t know why!)…most of them sucked beyond belief. In desperate need of a burn solution where I could make a decent menu, I tried this program. So far it has functioned beautifully. I may give it 5 stars eventually, but honestly it was asking for a review before I even used it and that kind of hacked me off. But I made a DVD with a nice menu easily enough and it burned without problems. As I use it more I will re-evaluate review at a later date. Note to developers though: let someone do something more than one time before begging for reviews. It is annoying and cost you a star. And since I reviewed it and said “do not show message again”…if it bugs me again for a review I will drop even more stars. Have some class, people! You have a good product!

Nice and Easy To Use

Great product and very easy to use. Worked for exactly what I was needing.

Easy and fast program

After I couldn’t use IDVD on my Mac to burn videos, I purchased this because of the great reviews. I have found it to be fast and easy to use. Looking forward to using it again and playing around with extra features.

Bad very bad

Burn not HD quality .eny guality after burn - like 740/480


I tried a differen software to transfer my old home movies (VHS-C, 8mm, and Mini DV) and it was very bad. Saw this at the App Store and saw the good reviews and tried it. I WISH I HAD USED THIS ONE FROM THE BEGINNING. It is very easy to use, the price is amazing, and the quality is fantastic. I LOVE THIS SOFTWARE!! I would give it 10 stars if I could!

nice little app

worked nicely for basic DVD i needed.

simple easy DVD burning APP

I have been unable to make DVD’s of my movies since Apple stopped supporting DVD burning with their operating system. I just bought this App today and burned my first DVD in several years!!! Easy as pie. I was a little reluctant to buy it after reading all the bad reviews for most of the DVD burning Apps but this one seemed to have the best reviews. I downloaded program, dragged my movie into the box on the left, put a blank DVD into the DVD player on my Mac and BOOM…a few minutes later out popped my DVD that plays on all my computers, on my DVD player by my TV and also my Blue Ray player. I couldn’t be happier and then I notice the editing tools for adjusting lighting, rotation, titles etc. Can wait to dig into it and hopefully my impression of the program will not change as I do that

Worked as expected and for a decent price

I needed to place some iMovie QT movies (type MOV) on regular DVD’s as this is no longer native on Mac with the removal of iDVD. This app was the best priced app that had enough decent reviews, and a decent update history that gave me confidence it would work. The creation of a simple main menu with my own custom picture in the background was easy. I added two QT movies at High Quality so I could fit them under tthe 4.7GB limit. At “Best Quality” they wouldn’t both fit. Those results were typical as I have had the same with other DVD burning software. I was able to create two DVD top menu buttons so either movie could be picked from the menu. I titled them with text. The actual burning took a long time. I don't have to create that many DVD’s so that was not a factor for me. It worked as expected and I could play the DVD as expected in my Sony DVD player hooked up to my TV, and the menu had a customized look with very little effort. I am running Mac OS Sierra (10.12.5) on a Mac Book Pro with an external USB DVD drive.

DVD Creator Pro!

GET THIS!!! The best I have found to create and burn DVD’s!!!!!

Great product!

Very easy to use. Burned DVD’s nicely.


it got the job done easily the first time and everytime. i like this app!

Quick & Easy

Once you know to save your movie on theatre it’s easy. love the options for a menu & play button etc. Created a 20 minute movie & the burn was quick. Would recommend this for beginners.

NOT User Friendly. Horrible instructions!

Difficult to use with VERY POOR “Help” section Poor English, pathetic use of language skills and grammar. Biggest flaw is “inability” to make a slideshow from photo images. Waste of time and money. Keep getting error window with message but because of poor English am unable to understand source of error which reads: "One 16:9 DVD menu page only support max 12 video titles (contain play button), please delete some video titles from your menu page “ Does anyone understand that? Attempted to get help from “support” but after numerous attempts still no response. This is a complete rip off.

Love, Love Love this!

I’m not very computer-savvy and even I could do this!!

not very happy with this

I bought a new dvd burner for my macbook pro and then discovered I had to purchase software to actually use it since Apple does not provide iDVD anymore. I managed to create the project, but have several issues. 1. after trying 2 different “play button” options, it just comes out on my movie as a pink box—no arrow, no text, just a pink box. 2. on trying to burn additional copies, several times I received the error message that the burn failed and it did not tell me why. 3. on another attempt, it did burn using the same discs I had tried previously. 4. the color on my photos look awful on my tv—so I don’t know if it is the dvd burner, the program or my tv. They look fine on my computer. I may have to purchase another program to see if it works out any better. I am not happy with the results of this program. I MISS iDVD!!!

Super East DVD Creation

Bought this program as a replacement for iDVD. It is really easy to use, and the quality of the DVD is top notch. The User Interface could use an update, but the program is effective.

Works Excellent!!!

Great App!

keeps freezing

so far not worth what i paid. After I burn a dvd it keeps freezing and I have to totally shut down my MacBook.

just what i needed

I was looking for an easy way to take an i movie and burn to a disk….this was it!

Success At Last

I have wanted to burn family movies onto DVDs that can be played on on DVD players- both TV and personal players, and with this app I finally had success in doing so. I’m so happy right now, I just can’t express it in words. Great app!!!

Still to be seen

First use and it seems to take a while for each copy being burned of personal video. Worst part is that after each copy, it begs for a review. The second time it asked it locked up my computer. Fine. Here you are. Stop asking.

Love It gets the job done

Works like a champ i love this program, still trying to learn how to add chapter points other than that its works as described


Simple and gets the job done.

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